Sorrento coastline

Friends of Sorrento

For independent travellers to Italy seeking something different, something special, something that brings them closer to the people and their lifestyle then the services of specialists quite often helps achieve this. Especially, when these specialists concentrate on a particular region with personal experience and contacts across a range of services.

Friends of Sorrento offers such a specialist and personal service to independent travellers wishing to explore the Neapolitan Rivieria and was established in 2005 as an online guide for Sorrento and the Amalfi coast offering information and advice to help visitors make the most of their holiday time and budget. This service quickly expanded to include a pre-booking service for hotels, excursions and private tours with visitors making payment in Sorrento.

Friends of Sorrento works directly with the leading providers of accommodation, transport, excursions and associated services based in Sorrento. Their local representatives, people who have been brought up and live in Sorrento, ensure clients have a personal contact for advice and support throughout their visit. The majority of clients choose to pay in Sorrento thereby avoiding deposits but retaining the comfort of clearly defined last minute cancellation options.

When clients use the services of Friends of Sorrento they become members and enjoy a number of additional benefits during and after their visit.

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