Purple Moose

Elephant and Bun Purple Moose Ales

Discovered on the shelves at Elephant and Bun. Selection of ales from Porthmadog, flavours include ‘Dark side of the Moose’, ‘Snowdonia’ and ‘Elderflower’. Note reads:

A ’40 – Barrel’ micro brewery based in Porthmadog.
Multi award winning, including the
Beer of Britain Award 2013

Fresh scones

Elephant and Bun Cowbridge Scones

You really have to be quick off the mark to get hold of Elephant and Bun’s freshly baked scones. Now where’s the butter ?

Red recommendations

Wines from Cowbridge

Elephant and Bun’s recommendations for a wine to go with a fillet steak from IG Nicholas:
A beautiful french cabernet sauvignon or Jack’s personal preference is a good chocolate porter!

The proof of the pudding is ..

As promised, we would let you know if the Anniversary Cake we bought from Cakes for Celebrations in Cowbridge tasted as good as it looked. They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, well you can take our word that it was delicious and until you buy your own here is a photo of the ‘cut cake’ to whet your appetite. The cake was made of two numbers 6 & 0, the 6 was a fruit cake and the 0 a sponge (sorry this was eaten before we could take a photo !).

Cakes for Celebrations Cowbridge

This Pork is Crackling !

Our local butcher, IG Nicholas, is recommending a shoulder of pork on the bone for this weekend’s joint. Here’s a photograph of one he actually prepared himself earlier and with every purchase you will receive tips on achieving the perfect crackling !

Shoulder of pork  I G Nicholas butcher in Cowbridge

Just across the road is the Elephant & Bun where they recommend a nice Spanish white Rioja, a crisp Riesling or the stunning Hallets cider to complement the Pork. While you’re there ask about a nice chutney for the pork sandwiches on Monday.


Penny Lane Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Penny Lane and Willow Walk in Cowbridge and look inside the shops as you pass by. You are positioned on the bridge and can go right towards the car park or left towards the High Street.

Produced for SAS Properties by Eurion Brown from Cowbridge

Medieval Churches of the Vale of Glamorgan

Books Medieval Churches

High Rise secondhand bookshop can easily be missed with its entrance ‘bookmarked’ between Lloyds Pharmacy and Arthur John’s hardware store. Books of all ages covering all kinds of subjects fill the book cases and every corner of the rooms. Well worth a look no matter what your interests are including a wide choice of fictional novels by leading authors.

This week’s find selection ‘Medieval Churches of the Vale of Glamorgan’ by Geoffery R Orrin will be of interest to local historians.

Cowbridge Fashion Lunch 2014

We attended the Cowbridge Fashion Lunch and Fashion Show at the Bear Hotel on Friday 4 April and have provided a small selection of the many clothes and accessories on show and available in Cowbridge. It was a wonderful event and we must congratulate Esther Hitchcock and all her colleagues, the models, their helpers and the sponsor WM. You can see the full collection by visiting the fashion shops in Cowbridge.

The event was in aid of Ty Hapus and Velindre Stepping Stones and if you would like to make a donation directly to these wonderful charities just click their logos below.


Cappuccino Art Gallery

Making a cappuccino can be a work of art and Cowbridge Fashion has opened this Cappuccino Art Gallery to exhibit some of the masterpieces flowing from the leading coffee studios in Cowbridge. To submit entries for consideration please tweet photos to @cowbridge_fashn with the artist’s name and #cappuccinoart.

[nggallery id=11 template=dop-thumbnail-gallery-coffee]

Did you know?
- The name “cappuccino” comes from the 16th-century Monks of Capuchin, referring to their coffee-coloured habits. You can find the full history on Wikipedia.

- Italians would never order a cappuccino after 11am, and certainly not after a meal. (Luckily in Cowbridge we’re a bit more flexible..)

- If you can make and serve four espresso, four cappuccino and four signature drinks in 15 minutes, you may want to enter the World Barista Championships.

Sorrento coastline

Friends of Sorrento

For independent travellers to Italy seeking something different, something special, something that brings them closer to the people and their lifestyle then the services of specialists quite often helps achieve this. Especially, when these specialists concentrate on a particular region with personal experience and contacts across a range of services.
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